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Mission with a Vision

LA Consultants' mission is to provide innovative lifetime practice management services for the Healthcare Profession. Our strategies are most suitable for practices demanding the sell of retail products in relation to medical or wellness care. LA systems are creative, practical, and financially rewarding while promising a happy, well served, and satisfied patient.
We are dedicated to maintaining a relationship with you and your team throughout the implementation process. We are prepared to share the trials of change and are available when new challenges arrive.

LA understands that the fast track to transforming a community is through one-to-one care which starts by first accepting and believing in yourself and then extending that love and respect to your staff while teaching them to do the same for patients. As business owners we are all gifted and capable of making a good income but this comes with responsibilities, that if neglected will eventually take from you what you care for most. Let's not make that mistake. Together we can make the difference just by caring, respecting, accepting, serving and loving one another. Patients look for this regardless if it is voiced therefore knowing it gives you the edge to ensure yours and your loved ones joy for a happy life. We are the change we keep demanding from elected officials...let's step into our higher calling together.

LA Consultants' encompasses 30+ years of experience in practice management consulting. We are committed and totally focused on providing outstanding service to all our clients with motivating leadership, team building, community insights and providing financial strategies that dramatically increase profitability.

Practice Services 
More than just another consulting company, LA focuses on your team. We understand the changes you desire are dependent upon your staff's buy in. We are proud to provide a variety of highly personalized business and lifestyle solutions that include:

  • Practice Management Systems and Protocols
  • Lead Manager Training and Coaching
  • Business Manager Coaching and Mentoring
  • Branding your office according to your Community DNA
  • Team Building and Professional Development
  • Systems and Programs Facilitation
  • Staff Training in all departments
  • Budgeting & Team Earning Programs
  • Event Campaigns & Marketing
  • Nutritional Education