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Welcome to 2014

2014 promises to be the Year of Intentional Transformative Leaders. The open will be gifted with wisdom and insights to new ways of practice management, patient communication and community vision. If you are receiving this email it is because you are amongst a group of optometrists nationwide in USA who are or have voiced a desire to lead, through your position as optometrist, in ways beyond the eyes and into the heart of your patients and community. This compassionate stance of the above average optometric physician is the key to successful leadership beginning 2014 and on. Congratulations! Let the true You stand up.

The passing of my Dad

To my dear friends, thank you sincerely for your thoughts and prayers during these last several months, during which, cancer took my dad's life. My dad, George (Pops) Leonard was 68 years old. I understand many of you have felt the loss I feel and dealt with it in a manner that allowed you to move on. I extend, from the depth of my heart, love and respect for you. This change to my life has caused me to seek deep within myself with prayers to our God to help me remember who I am. I knew Tammy could not do anything about my dad's sickness, except watch it take his life. But there is another part of my mind that continued and continues to quietly whisper words of Encouragement and of Hope as Light becomes evident to me. My dad loved what I chose to do with my life. He was very proud of me as I constantly and consiously worked to meet his approval....he is my dad! :) My dad was excited about new ideas I discussed concerning LA and thought highly of each doctor I worked with. I will miss his face to face ...

Looking forward to 2010

There is much talk about how our profession is changing. Doctors are concerned, manufactures and vendors are concerned, patients are concerned...I'm not concerned. Don't get me wrong, I sometimes fall into the trap of "the sky is falling" but mostly I reflect on you, your integrity, your compassion and your love for people. I also remember that when there is change there is opportunity...when there is crisis, opportunity is large. I challenge you to step back, take a look at your practice and ask yourself: 1.Has my office manager received training sufficient for taking my practice to the next level? 2.Is my team trained to be purchasers and do I hold them accountable for COG? 3.Does the staff buy-in to my Vision? Service Values? Business Plan? 4.Are my clinical skills at their best and is my patient care protocols strategic in delivering care? 5.Are my practice management systems working optimal? "I know this saves me money!" 6.Have I branded my practice appropriately? How does the ...

Economic Perspective

Welcome to the iCoach tool for open communication! I thought this a perfect time to voice my concerns and hopes for the future of your practice during this economic decline. It's funny how the stock market works. I would like to say it is very sophisticated and only the most highly educated financial gurus really have control. That's just not true. The market moves on emotion, our emotion, investor emotion. When the media is shouting "Panic" to the American people the people respond in fear. They begin pulling money out or if they are not investors they pull their money closer. Closer is just a term to describe a more conscious awareness. The people, now fearful, decide to cut back on unnecessary items, luxury items, and conclude that only necessities justify expenditures. Unless the person has suffered a layoff, he has the same income as before the "Panic" but now his reserves begins to grow. He isn't going let go of his savings unless certain subconscious spending targets are met. 1.It must meet ...