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2007 Winner Announcement

The winning practice has been awesome and are deserving of 1st place.They have worked hard to develop a team that is highly credentialed and buys into the vision of the practice.They did not view this competition as a way to report stats but instead learned how to read the reports so they could identify where their strengths and weaknesses are.They saw their strength in the medical department and some weaknesses in the optical department.They then began strategizing how they could improve in those areas.

The changes that occurred to initiate success began a couple of years back when the doctors decided to empower the Leads.This was not an easy decision for the doctors and it created all kinds of nightmares of the practice going helter skelter.It was even more difficult to actually do it and truly empower them!!! They were tested in 2006 when the Leads approached them with the idea of half price frames for yet another “style show”.How tempted they must have been to say “that could cause cost of goods to sky rocket and it isn’t going to work anyway!” However, the Leads had dedicated themselves to becoming good leaders for their departments. They felt the discomfort from the doctors but also felt from them the trust and desire for their success.The Leads and the Doctors know to be a good leader you must love your team and care for them the way all of us care for our families and they did it, and they do it, every day, without exception.

The 2006 Style Show was a huge success generating $118,000 in charges.They knew with this kind of team they could win this year’s 2007 Amazing Race.They were fired up…all year! They lead the race with confidence and then it happened!!! October rolled around and the Kentucky Team had a great style show producing $90,000 in charges; they stole the lead.The energy between the two practices was incredible. Both so dedicated to excellence in all patient care services and products. Both determined to not drop the ball for any reason…and neither one did!!!!!   Meehan and Schwartz Team hosted their second annual style show last month.They produced $130,000 in charges and deposited $98,000 towards their monthly goal.They were able to take the lead by a slim margin of only 760 miles.They did it, they earned it and they are this year’s winners of the Amazing Race to Success! Congratulations to the Team, staff and doctors, of Drs. Meehan & Schwartz Family Eye Care; National Eye Care Practice of the Year 2007.