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2008 Winner Announcement

This year’s Amazing Race to Success $10,000 Grand Prize is made possible by IDOC, Independent Doctors of Optometric Care. This organization and LA Consultants share the common vision of saving dollars to grow the bottom line while growing the practice revenue through greater patient care and education. We are working diligently to bring new ideas, concepts, and cost of good savings to each practice using iCoach services. In addition this year’s runner up team will receive a $1000 award from OptiMatrix Labs. OptiMatrix is dedicated to the success of iCoach clients. With sincere appreciation iCoach Trainers thank both of these organizations for their support of our greater vision.

What can be said about two practices that have fought it out all year long? Much!Both scored almost 40,000 miles in the competition. In fact only 105 miles divided the winner from the runner up. Wow!

Pinnacle Eye Associates began this competition as a small $500k young practice, teamed with 5 employees. This practice nearly doubled in size this year. It is fun to watch a team strive to become that mystic Practice that teases teams’ and business owners’ egos to be the Best!

The other Amazing Race contestant is a very large practice, Vision Care Associates, Springfield, Illinois, teamed with 50 employees. Who would ever believe that 50 people would or even could come together and bring about growth the way this team did.This team did the impossible; they grew a highly successful practice to a brand new level. They have set a new standard for our profession. They have my ultimate respect.

What’s most amazing to me is that both teams’ monthly miles and services per doctor hour were neck and neck every month. It is rewarding from where we sit to see practices that are so different in size mastering patient care services. It is obvious the Prevention Program is honored, respected and adhered to in each practice.Equally impressive is watching both practices exceed goal month after month. It goes to prove, you are never too small or too large for a team to create a miracle.

It is with great pleasure and an awesome privilege to announce this year’s winner in the Amazing Race to Success, Springfield Vision Care Associates. Congratulations team! You did it!