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2009 Winner Announcement

This year’s Amazing Race to Success $10,000 Grand Prize is made possible by IDOC, Independent Doctors of Optometric Care, and Kodak Lens. It is organizations like these that help protect the Greater Vision of Private Practice Optometry.

In addition this year’s runner up team will receive a $1000 cash award from EDC Laboratories, Inc. EDC Labs, Total Focus vitamins, is dedicated to providing quality nutritional supplements for your success and your patients’ well‐being. LA/iCoach sincerely appreciates all of these organizations for their support.

LA/iCoach gives special thanks to all participates in the 2009 Amazing Race to Success. This is a competition where honor, trust and maintaining integrity is expected and has always been returned with no stain. Thank you sincerely.

It was in the last month that it came down to two teams, Bedford Vision, Shelbyville, Tennessee and Family Eye Center, Troy, Alabama…what a great race! These teams consistently reviewed their services to their patients and encouraged, even challenged each other to “put in those fitness miles”. They were determined to give their best! That is teamwork…working together towards a common vision. Every business owner wishes for this type of teamwork…This year’s winning team entered the competition believing they had already won. This kind of faith creates the results you intend. It enabled them to pull together in times of challenge and to stand strong in times of peace to bring about their success. This is a true reflection of awinning Team!

It is rewarding from where we sit to see these practices, so different in size, mastering patient care and service values. It is always exciting to see the team think about their personal health and fitness and to do something about it! Equally impressive is watching both practices exceed collection goal month after month. It goes to prove, you are never too small or too large for a team to create a miracle.

Winning teams never cease to amaze…they can and DO create the impossible. We are so proud of all our clients’ practices; this year they all did the impossible in this challenging economic climate!

It is with great pleasure and an awesome privilege to announce this year’s winner in the Amazing Race to Success, Family Eye Center, Troy Alabama.

Congratulations Family Eye Center Team! You did it!