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We have much gratitude for the Optometric Profession. You have lead the way as to how to transition patients into becoming more health conscious by utilizing nutraceuticals. I remember, we were nervous when we first started but soon discovered that in the decision and follow-through came patient satisfaction and compliance. The LA Practicing Prevention Program was designed to assist doctors as they broaden their scope of practice to include prescribing we are met with a new challenge. Water!

The public, your patients do not understand the consequences on their health and well-being from having an acidic pH in their body. As always, they depend on their doctors to take care of them, to show them the way. Learn more about acidios here.

LA Consultants has endorsed Re:View Eye Formula to meet the needs of macula degeneration. Re:View is distributed by Vollara, the leader in Green Technology. Re:View uses a cutting edge nutrient delivery system known as CAeDS® (Chelate-Activated enzyme Delivery System) to ensure that the quantified AREDS recommended nutrients are absorbed and delivered at the cellular level for optimal macular and eye health. Re:View contains therapeutic dosage levels of both Lutein and Zeaxanthin. To gain special pricing on this product you must call (866) 295-9256 or email: Heather.

Can you imagine how wonderful it would be if you, your staff and your patients actually begin healing the body rather than fighting to regain a good feeling, healthier bones, nervous system, organ function, etc? I'm not saying that it happens overnight however when leaders are willing to step out of their comfort zone, miracles happen. Below are links of the LA Prevention Program. Review the material and call me. I am here to serve you as you serve the community.

LA Practicing Prevention Program

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LivingWater Addendum to Prevention Program