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Practicing Prevention with the AMD Protocol

Growing your practice, On Purpose!

Welcome to LA Prevention Program© System Training.  From here you have the option of using our complimentary six-day training for facilitating the Prevention Program as your standard patient care protocol or you may choose to shortcut and go straight to Day 5 below - Integrating Macula Risk® and the AMD Protocol.



Day 1 Preparing to Grow your Practice on Purpose

Day 2 Overview & Launch of the Prevention Program

Day 3 Using the Patient Care Assessment form 

Day 4 Staff Meeting makes all the difference

Day 5 Macula Risk® & Integrating the AMD Protocol

Day 6 Monitoring and Tracking Income Streams

The Patient Experience - LA Consultants and clients have discovered that the Prevention Program© is special. I knew when LA first started using it as our standard patient care protocol that the communication it requires between staff, doctor, and patient was doing something more than what we could see. The results you will experience have been proven over and over again. Now that genetic testing is available through Macula Risk, AMD standard of care has changed and the Prevention Program helps you make the most of it. Check out testimonials to learn more.

Reaping the benefits from working together - Macula Risk® has made available a DNA/genetic test capable of identifying your patients' risk of vision loss due to AMD.  When it is introduced, the 8.4 million people with a diagnosis of drusen, early or intermediate AMD will want to know their risk level for vision loss. Those diagnosed with AMD and their families will be seeking answers. It is imperative that you are prepared to take advantage of this consumer demand. This is a great way to show leadership in the community as you grow your practice.  Even more, it is how Optometry gets a grip on Macular Degeneration and once again, proves the profession qualified to be the primary eye care providers in every state and on every major medical insurance provider panel.