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Practicing Prevention with the AMD Protocol

Preparing to grow your practice at least *10% this year!

Prevention Program© philosophy

Goal – To provide the patient with enough knowledge to make educated buying decisions.

How – Each department is assigned patient communication scripts, one-liners, that when delivered correctly, the patients' knowledge is enhanced and the patients become more compliant with what the doctor determines is best for them.

Why – The patient cannot absorb all education from just one person and feel comfortable to make new decisions.  By providing simple educational messages the patient is challenged to connect the dots. The connection easily takes place in the patient’s mind when clear and direct communication methods are used (scripts). The patients gain understanding which equips them to make the right buying decisions per the doctor’s prescription.

Expected Results – You will first see increased daily income in the optical department however by month end you should clearly see revenue increases in both retail product sales and professional services.

  1. If you are seeing 15 full exams per day and adhering to the Prevention Program patient care protocol, you should be prescribing a minimum 8 pair of clear ophthalmic lenses and 8 pair of sunglasses.  Expected results should be 5 pair transitions, 3 pair of clear lenses and 5 pair of polarized lenses.
    1. The first five doctors who send an email on how to make this happen will win one month of free live support service from iCoach. A $625 value.
  2. Minimum 10 paid out-of-pocket retinal screenings daily
  3. Macula Risk testing will soon increase the need of additional medical tests and nutritional supplements.
  4. Happy, referring patients. Please know that patients enjoy spending money and caring for themselves just like we do IF the experience has been a good one.
  5. Additionally, you will see your team working cooperatively with joy.
    1. If this isn’t the case you should contact us for a discussion on how you can make it right.  Since teambuilding is our specialty, you also have the option of our support services. 
    2. We think You Can Do This…but we are here for you!

Getting the tangibles in order

  1. Review and prepare to present the Prevention Program© to your team.
  2. Retinal Screening form (fundus camera)Retinal Screening form (Optos)
  3. VA projector for sunglass distortion test
  4. Nutritional supplements
  5. Polarized demonstrator
  6. Macula Risk supplies
  7. Patient Assessment Form 

Seeing your opportunities

By becoming a Macula Risk® testing physician, you are positioning yourself to reap the benefits of the Macula Risk® direct consumer education and marketing campaign at no charge!  Don't miss your opportunity!


*Average revenue collection of LA Clients - $2m; minimum expected growth 10% = $200k. The Prevention Program© is currently being used by practices ranging in size from $350k to $6.5m in annual collections.