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Practicing Prevention with the AMD Protocol

Staff Meeting makes all the difference!

Goal – To keep everyone very engaged in mastering their role in patient communication.


  1. Lead will review all patient care assessments in a positive way offering guidance in how messages are delivered and how the patient is hearing them. 
  2. Lead will provide information on sunglass sells and patients’ attitudes.
    1. Sunglasses and transitions sells allow you to see how the program is working throughout the day. If they are not selling, the program communication is not being worked properly.
    2. Happy patients mean referrals when you ask for them.  Remember, there is always a chance a patient may suffer buyer's remorse when they get home; don't worry, just take care of them the best you can and remember to meet the doctor's prescription requirements. Never talk a patient into doing something...that is salesy, weak and unprofessional. You are professional with the patients' best interest at heart.
    3. Trust the Prevention Program to work but mostly trust one another by being trustworthy yourself.
  3. Review collection numbers for comparison and let the team know that patient attitudes, incoming referrals and production numbers are how a practice is to gauge patient care and service. The only way to grow a practice is through patient care. As a doctor you know that if your net does not improve consistently with the growth in collections of your practice, something is not working properly. This would be a good time to call us!

Why – Assistants want to do things right. When performance is reviewed in a light-hearted way and people are recognized for doing it right everyone wants to be a part.

Expected Results – Dream Team!