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Practicing Prevention with the AMD Protocol

Macula Risk® & Integrating the AMD Protocol

Macula Risk® Predict ♦ Protect

Goal – To equip the doctor with the information necessary to predict the patients’ risk of losing vision due to AMD so proactive monitoring and proven treatment plans can be initiated to protect the patients' quality of life. 

How – The doctor is to prescribe and perform the Macular Risk DNA testing to patients presenting with the following ICD-9 codes

362.50 – Non-specific AMD

362.51 – Non-exudative senile macular degeneration

362.52 – Exudative senile macular degeneration

362.57 – Drusen (anytime it presents a concern to you!)

Expected Result – Saving vision in both eyes, patient loyalty, maximize use of equipment, professional service fee revenue increase, growth in patient base, community spotlight opportunities.

  1. Review Macula Risk on-boarding slide presentation
  2. Review the AMD Protocol
  3. Nutritional Supplement inventory
    1. Multiple Vitamin & mineral with theraputic potencies
    2. Omega 3
    3. Meso-zeaxanthin
      1. Research: Targeting AMD with Critical Carotenoids
      2. Most Recent: An Essay on the ARM Conundrum
        The "So What" Epiphany

        Larry Alexander OD FAAO, President Optometric Retina Society
  4. Completing forms
    1. Always complete all information on the form including your NPI#.
  5. Sending tests to lab
    1. We like to see tests accumulated and FedEx one day per week as a group. Larger practices may see a need to ship more often.
  6. Follow up on results
    1. Level 1 and 2 – phone call
    2. Levels 3 – 5 call for follow-up appointment
      1. Modify treatment plan according to AMD Protocol
  7. Live Support 
    1. Macula Risk® Webinar training: Wednesdays at 2:00 pm EST. 
    2. Open phone Friday from 3:00 - 4:00 pm EST.
    3. Send an email to iCoach for specific dial in information.