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Practicing Prevention with the AMD Protocol

Monitoring and Tracking Income Streams

  1. Continue using patient care assessment. Review at least weekly with the team for at least six consecutive weeks.
  2. The Amazing Race to Success is one way LA helps to monitor our clients' practices and to identify where potential areas of improvement exists. Below are the income stream categories.
  3. Begin focusing on what you and your team are producing per doctor hour. When compared to like practices you are equipped to see where improvements can be made.
    1. Screenings (private pay) – These are screenings (retinal, VF, GDX etc.) paid out of pocket by the patient to be used to educate them concerning their personal eye health. 
    2. Medical Test – Includes any billable medical test, (Visual Field, Fundus Photos, OCT, GDX, HRT, Gonioscopy, Specular Microscope, Pachymetry, etc.)
    3. DNA/Genetic Tests – Includes Macula Risk DNA/genetic test
    4. Dry Eye Treatments –The action of diagnosing and prescribing dry eye treatment with punctual occlusions, Restasis (or other pharmaceutical) or Omega 3.
    5. VT- (Vision Therapy) CRT – (Ortho-keratology) or LV (Low Vision)
    6. Co-Management – Any referral to an ophthalmologist or other specialist for a surgical procedure in which your practice is responsible for co-management.
    7. Nutritional Supplements (per bottle) –Supplements must generate no less than $8 net revenue (Retail – Wholesale = net revenue) per bottle.
    8. Polarized Lenses (Plano included) per pair.
    9. Computer Vision Lenses Special Rx specifically designed for computer.
    10. Anti- reflective lenses.
    11. High end Frames – Frames sold at an above average retail price of $300.
    12. Contact Lenses – Year’s supply disposable or planned replacement contact lenses (four box minimum). Annual supply counts as one complete pair of eyewear.
    13. Multiple pairs Additional purchase to 1st complete pair of eyewear or a year’s supply of contact lenses.