LA Consultants
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The LA concepts are simple....

  1. Identify the weaknesses and confirm the strengths within your practice.
  2. Identify and Understand the Community DNA
  3. Build a team committed to outstanding patient care and delivery of exceptional service.
  4. Create a strategy to achieve your practice's financial goals while transforming your community's health and wellness perspective.
  5. Support your team with up to date knowledge, new methods to ensure efficiency, and with internal controls ensuring consistency.
  6. Design and build a pipeline integrating local businesses and national companies who share your vision. 
  7. Monitor success of the win-win Community Pipeline.

The success of a medical and/or wellness practice is based upon professional care, quality products, excellent service, and the ability to create loyalty in the patient base. With a vision and a direction for achievement, you and your team of professionals can be as successful as you allow yourselves to envision.

Contact LA. It is the first step you must take for your practice, team and vision which will be evaluated and a plan prepared. This plan will be custom designed to meet your specific needs and vision. It will include a Production Share Earnings program for your staff (PSE), a simple budget, a marketing plan, insurance evaluation and/or fee schedule, and systems that allow you to pull the team together in order to take your practice to the next level. Whatever the plan includes, you can feel assured that it will address your needs, your vision, your practice. *All first year clients will be visited with 2 on-site consultations and of course, an ongoing off-site service plan that will support you and your Manager throughout the year.

Benefit from my experience. I have traveled from coast to coast since 1999, consulting primarily in Optometric practices. This has allowed me to identify the most common areas of deficiencies. Systems have been created to address each of these areas that are fitting in all specialty practices. LA Representatives understand your challenges and are prepared to work directly with your office manager, staff and of course you for on-going practice management needs.

LA is constantly seeking ways for doctors to increase their net profit. By joining LA you will immediately be networked into a group of specialty practices facing the same challenges as you. This network will give you opportunity to share your pearls as well as learn from others' successes. We understand how important it is to keep your practice growing.

The opportunity exist for healthcare providers to grow beyond the traditional 'scope of practice' by incorporating preventable measures against disease and in favor of wellness. This harmony of care, Wellness, Prevention, Diagnostics and Treatment, achieves the level of care patients are seeking while expanding revenue opportunities.

Strategies for Success:
1.     Leadership Development & Team Building
2.     Community DNA, Practice Branding, Marketing & Event Planning
3.     Patient Care Protocols with disease management
4.     Budgeting & Cashflow Management
5.     Systematic Program Execution with facilitating guidelines
6.     Fee Structures, Insurance coding & Third Party Guidance
7.     Retail Management & Professional Dispensing
8.     Patient Communication including scripting
9.     Recall, Pre-appointing and Scheduling Protocols
10. Telephone Technique, Chairside Excellence
11.  Personality profiling to maximize employee natural skills 
12.  Employee Team-building programs
13.  Doctor negotiations and associate hiring
14.  Practice Appraisals and sells
15.  Business Life Coaching with Exit Strategy