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The fastest and easiest way for us to ensure success is through LA's Premium Service! The on-site consultation is the fastest and easiest way of putting your practice on the road of your intention. While in the office, we will review ALL practice management systems, create a good relationship with your lead manager and help her to kick off a newer, better way of team management.  Our Premium Service offers a minimum two visits (2.5 days) in your practice. The off-site care will ensure upgrades stick and staff stays happy will working as a team to bring about your Vision. All LA concepts and programs are designed work together to maximize earning potential while ensuring your patients get the very best experience and care possible from you and your team.

  • LA will facilitate a Health and Wellness Program for you! You can expect an immediate jump in revenue!
  • Your practice as well as your community already has an established Community DNA. LA will research to identify what that DNA is to maximize patient care communication, marketing efforts and proper practice “branding”.
  • We will take time to observe and critique patient communication with scripts most fitting for the DNA of your practice.

Also available are team programs which ultimately benefit you and your team. As you learn to work better together, you will find you have more time as a doctor because your Lead has learned to facilitate practice management systems, patient care protocols and programs that create efficiency and opportunities for you.

If you are looking specific assistance, LA offers these specialty services:

Full Service Insurance Management

Tech & Equipment Training

Staff Employee Search

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