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Insurance Billing Services and AR Management

Accounts Receivable Management can make or break many practices, there just isn't an option to neglect proper filing and collections. If you have found yourself without an insurance clerk or discovered an aging report that makes you (866) 295-9256 or email us today! We can help get you back on track through clerk training or assume the role if that is the best option. We are here to ensure your success!!!

Depending upon your circumstances we can:

Assume the duty as your Outsourced Insurance Clerk

  1. Work insurance aging report
  2. File your insurance
  3. Post payment 
  4. Work denials
  5. Reasonable price to be determined by the EMR system used, insurance Aging Report and the amount of insurance filed per week. We work through your existing system so there are no new responsiblities on your part.  In most all cases our fee is less than the payroll obligation of a new insurance clerk!

Provide Off-site insurance clerk training to include:

  1. Proper insurance filling
  2. Special challenges such as punctual occlusion, trichiasis, post-ops, post-op cataract glasses, etc.
  3. Posting payments
  4. Working denials
  5. Working insurance aging report
  6. Trouble shooting
  7. Under our watchful eye we will keep you informed on the progress your clerk is making and recommendations we may have.

LA is a leading consulting company in the proper usage of CPT codes, modifiers, global periods, and how they work together to maximize your receivables. We are an experienced consulting, facilitating and training company dedicated to serving optometrists in all departments of the practice. 

LA works with many different EMR programs however our preference is Revolution and Office Mate followed by CompuLink. Whatever your software, please do hesitate to contact us today with you billing needs.