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LA Premium Service

LA OverView

To make the most your investment, LA will work with you and your practice team for one year. The relationship begins with an on-site consult and is closely monitored with additional training via virtual communication for the following 12 months. If there is need to make a second or even third visit, LA will be there.

LA On-Site Visit(s)

An on-site visit can not be replaced! LA Consultants will work with you and your team to identify systems that should be upgraded to create better efficiency and excellent patient care.

Perfecting Optometry's Medical Model takes an outside objective view to identify which practice management systems and patient care protocols are working properly, which staff members require help, and what new ideas should be facilitated to support goals for taking your practice to the next level. LA On-site consults have proven over and over to be truly successful and supportive to the doctor and staff.

  • LA will review each system in your practice from receptionist to check out. This includes telephone techniques, scheduling, patient communication, equipment usage and maintenance, tech skills, insurance management, optical services, cost of goods, collections, and so much more.
  • LA will facilitate the Prevention Program for you! You can expect an immediate jump in revenue!
  • Facilitate system for Green Technology introduction and fulfillment
  • While on-site LA will research to identify what your Community's DNA is to maximize patient care communication, marketing efforts and proper practice “branding”.  This information will provide the direction necessary for off-site planning of marketing strategy, practice hosted events, etc.
  • Observe and critique patient communication with scripts most fitting for the DNA of your practice.

An on-site visit is very personal. Time is spent getting to know your Lead Manager and Team to develop relationships built on respect and a shared Vision of the practice purpose.

LA Off-site Service

In the months following you will find LA communicating directly with your team. The team will be providing insurance aging reports, cost of goods reports, production reports and other essential criteria to ensure we are kept informed that all is moving as planned and that the team stays strong. Additionally, we will use the information gained through Community DNA to lead and assist you in your marketing strategy.

We understand the importance of your Vision, your leadership and cooperation through teamwork and  it know has a direct effect on patient satisfaction, referrals, schedule, flow and the practice growth. With a good team and forward thinking leadership, you are positioned to see all your dreams as well as the desires of your team flourish.

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