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Doctor Tech Excellence

Tech and Equipment Training

One week on-site tech training covers all aspects of training.

Your tech(s) will receive a comprehensive introduction to Eye Anatomy 101 this covers the areas of the eye, how they are affected and why they do what they do and why it is so important.

First, we teach the basics: EOM, Muscle testing, Visual Acuities, Pupils (including afferent defect), Confrontation Fields, Pin Hole, Color Test, Depth Perception and much more.

Second, we will instruct the technician on usage of the following equipment: Lensometry (auto and manual) - Auto Refractor - Tonometry/NCT - Visual Fields - Amslers - Topography - OCT - Fundus Photos - Optos - and other speciality equipment

List of Doctor Tech Responsibilities/Duties

• Promptly and professionally assists the doctor in patient care.

• Efficiently and accurately interview patients and documents histories.

• Scribes readily when doctor desires.

• Performing technical workups, patient histories and special testing.

• Communicates with patients regarding preventative care, follow-up care, symptoms, surgery scheduling, etc.

• Maintains and cleans all equipment being used. Report to Equipment Coordinator if not in working condition.

• Returning phone calls to patients and/or pharmacies in a timely manner.

• Assists in minor surgery.

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