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LA is more than just another consulting and service company...we act upon Right Concepts and bring them to life in your business. LA is dedicated to the transformation of our country to a place of unity, peace, and well-being for all. We understand that business/personal balance plays a big role to accomplish this therefore the vision for your business as well as for your family values is imperative to assist our strategic work with you and your team and to bring it to life. We understand the changes you desire are dependent upon your staff's buy in, that is our specialty. We are proud to provide a variety of highly personalized business and lifestyle solutions that include:

  • Clinical Protocols to create uniformity 
  • Lead Manager Training and Coaching 
  • Business Manager Coaching and Mentoring
  • Team Building & Staff Training
  • Branding your office according to your "Community DNA" 
  • Successful Event Campaigns & Marketing
  • Customized Practice Management Systems and Protocols
  • Systems and Programs Facilitation 
  • Practice Budgeting & Team Earning Programs 
  • Cutting edge niche service programs

Health, Wellness and Practicing Prevention

LA takes a look at the future of health care...
As a result of increasing life expectancies, health, wellness, new preventive research, and a better understanding of disease mechanisms, patients and doctors have change their mind to favoring preventative healthcare. As a result of this new direction in healthcare, doctors have been successful and accepting in the areas of  quantum science, nutritional supplements and DNA/genetic testing.

Health, wellness, and preventative programs work best when they are integrated into a conscious community and national network of care; we call this your Community Pipeline. When like-minded healthcare professions join with a vision beneficial for all, miracles happen and communities are transformed. Your patients are a key part of this pipeline...they are the "oil" that makes it work. LA is anxious to serve as your pipeline designer ensuring that your patients have full access and opportunity to be transformed and learn to share it with others as you joyfully watch your vision unfold.

Click Here to Learn More About Optometry's Practicing Prevention.

Leading the Way

Here is your opportunity to join the group of Health and Wellness Professionals who seek balance in their personal and professional life. These doctors understand change is necessary for proper positioning during our economic climate, world leadership confusion, and challenges against Godly principals occurring in the United States. We are the change!!!  Click Here to Learn more about Leading the Way

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